Expats in America

What is my future after graduation? How can I do well in American working culture? Venmo, Costco, Amazon, SnapChat: what are those? What should I definitely NOT do in America? Where do I find good food like home? Some weird experiences moving to America? How are other expats doing in America? …

I have a lot of questions as an Expat. Everyone does.

On this site, I share experiences of foreigners in America and summarize my research on the questions I had while moving abroad. From studying and working to culture and other lifestyle tips, I hope they could help you navigate your journey as an expat.

Highlighted Article Series

In Recession: Advice for New College Grad

Getting a job during a recession is tough, but that doesn’t mean there is no job. ACT FAST. This series include some tips to becoming competitive in the workforce & what to do if you don’t want to stay in America.

What is an Expat, anyway?

Expatriate (or Expat) is a universal name for any person living outside of their country, either temporarily or permanently. So, even if you are here on a short business assignment or living here as a resident, you are considered an expat.

While we may not hear much of the word, being an Expat is VERY common in this globalized economy. In fact, UN estimated that a little over 3% of global population (270+ million people) is living outside of their countries, and the number is still rising. Yet, there is still a huge barrier for expats to adapt to the new society or lifestyle. Collectively, there must be something we can do to help one another.